Source Control System to Notify Changes in FogBugz


What is it?  

This KB article provides information (general reference) on why you would need to install or implement a script in your source control system for your FogBugz.

Who will use it?

Agent-Only, Administrator, End-User

How is it used?

You need to install a “trigger” script in your source control system to notify FogBugz whenever a check-in occurs that is related to a particular bug. You will have to implement this script yourself to integrate with whatever hooks, triggers, or APIs your source control system offers.

The way these scripts work is they send the check-in information via HTTP to a FogBugz ASP page named cvsSubmit.asp, using a URL.


  • bugID is the FogBugz bug number
  • the file is the source file that is being checked in
  • x is the previous revision number
  • y is the new revision number
  • RepositoryID is the ID of the repository you created in FogBugz. You can get this value from the New Repository dialog (see below).