Integration of Source Control


What is it?

When you have everything set up, check source control integration in FogBugz. It allows you to associate changes you commit with a given case or cases. When you commit your changes in VCS, your hook script will look for something in your commit message that gives it a case number. For the scripts we distribute, the format is “BugzID: XYZ” where XYZ is a case number. The hook script then posts the info to FogBugz. This KB article has the information on how you can check it.

Who will use it?

Agent-Only, End-User

How is it used?

When you look at the case you referenced (number XYZ) in FogBugz, you will see a link on the left side of the case, “checkins”.

 When you click the link, a pop-up dialog appears, showing all of the files and revisions committed against the case


Keywords / Labels: source control, integration, commit

Content Author: Yvette Centeno