Deleting Case Events and Attachments



You can delete case events and case attachments attached on the FogBugz UI.

But you can not remove individual attachments from within an email (either sent or received). In such cases, you can only delete the whole email (the case event).



  • Administrator role in FogBugz




Removal can be done in two ways:


Who Can Delete and What

  • Administrators:
    • Can edit any case and delete case events (comments and emails). Individual case events must be deleted, not entire cases.
    • Can delete file attachments
  • Normal User:
    • Can delete file attachments on the cases they can edit.

The user who deleted an event or attachment is noted on the case for auditing purposes

IMPORTANT! Deletion is permanent, it cannot be undone. If it’s not sensitive information, you should consider - as an alternative - closing the case.


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Deleting a Case Event

  1. As FogBugz Administrator, click on the Edit button to edit the case, just like you would be adding a new case event. Only now, each existing case event also has an x button at the upper-right hand corner.

  2. Click on the x button. You will be warned that you are about to irreversibly delete the case event. Click Permanently Delete!

  3. The case remains in Case Edit mode, with one change: the event shows up as Removed. Cancel the edit, or to be thorough, make a note as to why the bug event was removed and click Save.


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Deleting an Attachment

In case a wrong attachment got attached to a case, it can be removed following these steps:

  1. Click the Edit button to edit the case (the pencil icon at the upper richt corner of the event).

  2. Find the attachment you wish to delete. Click the x to the right of the attached file’s name.

  3.  Click Save

  4. The attachment will be removed. An event will be logged about the deletion, and the attachment will be marked as deleted.

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