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Software migrations are never easy, but FogBugz makes this process as painless as possible by offering a variety of tools for importing data. This article shares information about available tools that use FogBugz API to import data. If you do not find something here that fits your needs, feel free to contact us, and we will find a solution!


Warning: Regardless of your tool or method, do not put yourself in a position of migrating too many chunks, with too many phases. Make a plan, prepare the environment, and then pull the trigger.



FogBugz supports the following tools. In case you run into any issues with them, we are here to help you!


Trac Importer

The Trac Importer allows you to automate the process of completely migrating from Trac to FogBugz. In addition to the cases and their histories, it also imports your users and wikis with ease.


Importing from Jira

Jira is another standard tool that customers import data from in FogBugz. Please see the differences between FogBugz and JIRA

We can assist you if your goal is to export the tickets from JIRA and map their fields into FogBugz. However, at the moment, we cannot help you export the case history, attachments, etc. Please feel free to contact our Professional Service team for more information.



Martin Zardecki from the FogBugz community wrote the MantiBugz importer script to import data from Mantis into FogBugz quickly. This is an example of FogBugz's vibrant and tech-savvy community.


Excel/CSV Importing

Get your cases into a CSV file and import them using the following resources created by our enterprising community users:


Importing from Other Tools

The FogBugz API is sufficiently robust in exporting historical information of bug trackers into FogBugz. It has the advantage of not needing direct access to the database. If you are planning to use this approach, we have friendly developers who can advise you on the process and learn from your experience.  

Contact us for more information!

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