Release Notes 2018-06-06


Iteration Planner and Kanban Board updates!

  • Closing a lightboxed case over the Planner/Board only results in adding the case to the view if it should be there
  • The page title updates properly when navigating to/from the Kanban Board
  • When editing a case to a project or milestone not visible on the current Kanban Board, the case leaves as expected
  • IE11 and Safari users have an easier time “drilling down” to the Kanban Board, as well as managing the visible columns

Elsewhere in Manuscript:

  • MacOS users can now use ctrl+n and ctrl+p to navigate up and down in the plain text editor
  • We’ve updated our miniprofiler so that we can continue to measure, debug, and resolve performance bottlenecks
  • Behind-the-scenes changes to make our (thus your) lives a little bit better