Release Notes 2018-02-08


Note: This release includes changes from the rolled-back release on Feb 1st

  • Restricted the clickable area around the “Start Work” button on cases in response to reports of time logged accidentally
  • Updates to make the migration process for old For Your Server users a bit smoother
  • Update colors to make text in “chunky” fields like tags more readable when selected
  • Increased the threshold height for responsive mobile view
  • Updates to the content delivered to newly created accounts
  • Updated the JSON API backend (no customer facing changes)
  • Diff and Log URLs in the native source control integration are no longer double-encoded & that’s better for everyone!
  • Receiving HTML emails? Content with a fixed width wider than the case page is now horizontally scrollable so you can, you know, see all of it
  • We’ve squashed the bugs that quashed last week’s release
  • Minor formatting and text copy updates

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