3.1.471 Release Notes


Released on 2016-4-19


  • Updated the Kiln Client and Tools to use the latest version of Mercurial and Git.
  • Repo guessing in the Kiln extensions works with ssh repos and Two Factor Authentication.

Bug Fixes:

  • Stripping a repo will no longer incorrectly show a “You do not have the required permissions to access this page” error.
  • The kiln extensions can access large projects without throwing errors.
  • A malformed gitmodules file will no longer cause Kiln to overheat.
  • Virtual users will not show up as eligible reviewers in code reviews.
  • Attempting to add an ineligible changeset to a review will no longer cause Kiln to overheat.
  • It is possible to show context on renamed files in git repositories.
  • The importer has  the current Kiln On Demand SSL fingerprint.
  • Emoji in code review comments will render properly after case links.

Edit: The new release will be 3.1.471, not 3.1.469.  The release notes are the same.