3.0.160 Release Notes


This release, originally scheduled for December 29-30, has been postponed to December 30-31.

Completed: Kiln On Demand Upgrade: December 30-31

  • Fixed bug in code reviews for re-adding removed changesets
  • New Git and Mercurial clients for Kiln Client Tools for CVE-2014-9390
  • Server side fix to make sure we can’t serve CVE-2014-9390 from our servers for both Hg and Git
  • Update to Kiln Extensions for CVE-2014-9390: You will need to convert KBFiles repositories to LargeFiles before you update to Mercurial >= 3.0. After you update Mercurial you can no longer convert KBFiles repositories. If you have KBFiles repositories, please follow the instructions at ‘How Do I Perform the conversion from KBFiles to LargeFiles‘.
  • Fixed benign InsecureRequestWarning message when pushing over SSH in Mercurial
  • Fixed code that calculates common tags for Git repositories to time out as appropriate
  • Fixed bug where viewing a head with a particularly structured tag name overheats the Kiln UI