2.9 Release Notes


This is a major release with several new features as well as big architectural changes — so major, in fact, that we skipped right over version 2.8!

Please see these notes if you are upgrading from Kiln version 2.7.x to 2.9.x

Release Notes:

  • Revamped code review system.
  • Totally rebuilt, faster search infrastructure using elasticsearch.
  • Edit and commit files directly on the web in Kiln.
  • Faster and more reliable server-side branching and pushing.
  • Push and pull a single head on a multi-headed repository in Kiln.
  • Support for Mercurial’s largefiles extension, the successor of kbfiles.
  • Major performance improvements, on the server and in your browser.
  • Countless bug fixes and stability improvements, such as:
    • Fix spurious “your session has expired” errors.
    • Additional logging in the Kiln installer.
    • More reliable Queuing Service.
    • The Kiln Storage Service is now a 64-bit application for applicable servers, reducing the likelihood of memory-related errors.
    • Kiln is now powered by Mercurial 2.2.2, the latest stable release. Our thanks as always to the entire Mercurial community.
  • As of Kiln 2.9, the Kiln Storage Service’s KilnRepositories folder may no longer be located on a network drive.


The changes to the Code Review system necessitated a backwards-incompatible change to Kiln’s Reviews API. You can find the new API documentation in the Kiln Developers Wiki. Here are the highlights:

    • The old API has been removed in Kiln 2.9. Any call to Api/1.0/Review/... will return aVersionTooLow error.
    • The new API exists requires an API version of 2.0 or higher (i.e. Api/2.0/Review/...).
    • Creating a new review no longer opens a case in FogBugz.
    • Reviews are uniquely identified by sReview, a string in one of the following two formats:
      1. a string containing a positive integer (e.g. “2” or “500”), corresponding to the FogBugz case number of this review. This format will only be used to reviews that were created in older versions of Kiln.
      2. “K” followed by a positive integer (e.g. “K2” or “K500”), identifying a review that does not have a FogBugz case. All reviews created with the Reviews API 2.0 will use this format.
    • Other parts of the API are not affected by this change (such as repository and project management), and continue to be a 1.0-version API.
    • While we strive for backwards compatibility wherever possible, this major upgrade made that impossible. We understand that this breaking change may cause you some inconvenience. If you need assistance in upgrading scripts or tools to the new API, please contact FogBugz Support and we’ll be happy to help.