2.7.22 Release Notes

  • The Kiln client is now available for Mac OS X. If you’re on Mac OS X, you can now use Tortoise, complete with full auto-update capabilities, drag-and-drop install, and more.
  • Mercurial for licensed customers only now has beta support for largefiles. Note that we don’t have largefiles working 100%, so you will encounter bugs, but if you’re an early adopter, you can start using largefiles today.
  • Reviews are now live. If you edit a review, everyone else in the review sees it immediately, automatically. No more hitting “Reload” every few seconds.
  • Reviews now have consensus events. That means that when everyone in a review is in agreement, then Kiln will take responsibility for marking the review on the whole as approved, rather than ascribing it to the last person to perform an action.
  • You can now create a review at push time by using the new push --review command.
  • You can use revsets to filter history views (the control’s on the upper-right of the history browser). This is a great way to filter down to specific changesets. The Electric DAG has full support for ranges, too, so feel free to find everything you just shipped by doing things likeKiln_Release_2.4.61..Kiln_Release_2.7.22.
  • Problems with diff timeouts have largely been fixed. This is a tough one; a lot of you like to make absolutely massive changesets, which pose interesting problems for us. We’re not all the way there, but the situation’s a lot better.
  • Problems with non-ASCII file encodings causing source code content indexing to hang have been fixed. Note that non-ASCII file names may not be properly indexed, but it shouldn’t hang your Kiln Storage Service, either. (We’re working on a new elasticsearch-based code search solution that’ll be available son and will solve this problem completely.)
  • Problems with IE8 and IE9 have been fixed. As a reminder, IE7 is no longer supported.
  • Firefox 10 (its current beta, anyway) works again with Kiln.
  • Some bugs with proxied requests to Kiln (i.e., there’s a proxy between you and Kiln for Your Server) have been fixed. Those of you with extremely nasty anti-virus or firewalling solutions may still have issues. We’re continuing to work on it.
  • Background tasks in Kiln have been changed from a polling mechanism to a queuing mechanism (this has no user-visible impact except for lower server load)
  • We’ve landed numerous performance improvements, especially for very large Kiln installations and their activity feeds.