2.6.36 Release Notes

  • The email system used by reviews has been completely overhauled. No more will you receive tons and tons of emails on a busy review; instead, you just see one email if you have any unread changes in a review. If you’re actively participating in the review, or if you haven’t bothered checking the review since we last emailed you, we won’t email you again. The emails are also far more informative, which, in some cases, will save you having to visit Kiln in the first place.
  • The color distribution for names in reviews has also been improved. It’s a little thing, but it makes a big difference.
  • Kiln now supports groups! That’s right: rather than go do a bunch of line-item permissions changes, you can now assign all of your developers to a group called Developers, then assign that whole group write access to your repositories. Kiln’s groups are shared with FogBugz, too, so any groups that you already have set-up can be reused immediately.
  • Incoming and outgoing pages now use slug-based URLs. This is the first part of us making the URL scheme in an upcoming release more consistent.
  • Access tokens can now be used, even if you specify a bogus password when connecting. This helps Mercurial actually remember the password throughout the web request, rather than re-prompting you each time.
  • You can now search your repositories using revsets, just like you do already in Mercurial today
  • A number of bugs were fixed, including:
    • HTML5 localStorage could get full, as we were not purging it between releases.
    • Some race conditions in the caching code that could result in stale data being shown have been fixed.
    • Some bugs that could cause errors to be eaten by Kin’s error handling logic, rather than properly reported, have been repaired.
    • Numerous minor incompatibilities with IE9 are now former incompatibilities.