2.3.29 Release Notes



  • Upgrade to Mercurial 1.7 on the backends
  • The “In/Out” tab is now the “Related” tab, including a unified DAG view showing the history of several related repositories.
  • The changesets associated with a case are now shown as bug events in the case in FogBugz. A revamped “View Changesets” popup also lists the changesets. The popup is also available by adding the new “Kiln Changesets” column to a FogBugz filter.
  • The new “Review All” button makes it easy to start a review on a whole push or on an entire of Incoming or Outgoing changes.
  • Internet Explorer 7 is no longer officially supported.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved bfiles support (for larger files).
  • Visual annotate age.
  • Better landing page for public repos.
  • Ensure that changesets are always associated with cases mentioned in the commit message.
  • Fix many rendering bugs in several browsers.
  • Fix double-encoding of certain characters in the file tree.
  • After stripping a repository, connect the webhooks to the stripped repository.
  • Allow virtual users to become Project Primary Contact and be assigned permissions.
  • When starting a review with a lot of changesets, scroll the changeset list appropriately.
  • Ensure that the entire code review interface stays up-to-date as changes are made.
  • When adding changesets to an existing code review, list the changesets being added separately from the changesets already in the review.
  • Fix a few bugs with the filter summary on the activity feed.
  • Show the “Review” and “Review All” buttons on Incoming as well as Outgoing.
  • The popup to create a code review is now draggable.
  • Show the repository and project descriptions on the appropriate project and repository pages.
  • Fix the “Show Entire File” links when viewing a changeset in a public repository, as an anonymous user.
  • Speed up the loading of search results, code reviews, and changeset diffs.
  • Prevent attaching the same block of code to one comment more than once.
  • Link case references in code review titles to the FogBugz case.
  • Enable support for code review code attachments for users without JavaScript.
  • Add “Select All” and “Select None” buttons to the “By Repository” selector on the activity feed.
  • Always show the “Parent Repository” list on top of the New Repository popup.
  • Shorten long repository names with “…” where appropriate.
  • Show the changeset information inline with the code review changeset list, rather than below it.
  • Mark unread files and changesets in code reviews with bold text, and warn you if you try to approve a code review with unread changes.
  • Properly sort repositories in the activity filter editor and on the search results page.
  • When writing a reply to a code review comment, move the comment field into the reply thread.
  • Turn “[n]” or “#n” in a code review comment into a link to the nth code attachment on that comment.
  • Don’t crash when loading a truncated diff in a merge changeset.