2.0 Release Notes


The New Features in Kiln 2.0

New Search Interface

Search your changeset messages, authors, filenames, and code with a brand new unified search interface

Kiln's Unified Search Interface

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Clone Large Repositories Fast with KBFiles

Easily handle large files in your repositories through a cross-platform Mercurial extension based on bfiles, fully integrated into the command-line client and Kiln itself.

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Strip Changesets from the Web Interface

Strip changesets from central repositories directly from Kiln. This comes in handy if, say, you misspelled a commit message, accidentally pushed it to Kiln and now want to change it; or if you accidentally added a file that contained patented code, personal information, or other bad things.

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Repository Aliases

Choose special repository URLs (think “QA”, “Production”) that can be switched among any existing repositories without renaming the repositories.

Repository Aliases

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Simplified Code Reviews

Kiln 2.0 sports a much simplified review creation process and the ability to easily add any changeset to an existing review.

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Tag Changesets Directly from the Web Interface

In Kiln 2.0 you can now add tags to your changesets directly through the web interface,

The Electric DAG

A new graph view feature we’re calling the “Electric DAG.” Click on any changeset in a repository’s graph view and the graph will automatically highlight all ancestor and descendent changesets, letting you easily spot which changes are in which tag and more.

The Electric DAG

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Updated Activity Feed

An updated activity feed interface makes it even easier to figure out who’s committed what and when.

Kiln's Activity Feed


Kiln’s JSON API provides read/write operations to some basic Kiln objects: projects, repository groups, repositories, reviews, and people permissions.

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Improved FogBugz Integration

Drastically improved FogBugz integration for understanding “where are the changesets for this bug fix?” via a new “View Checkins” popup from FogBugz.

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Repository Path Guessing

Path guessing relieves the constant pain of either adding a bunch of paths to your hgrc file or copying URLs back and forth all day long. The incoming, outgoing, pull, and push Mercurial commands are supported for this extension.

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