Privacy and Security of Source Code


We know that hosting source code is different than hosting your FogBugz database. We host our own source code with Kiln, and we have been using Kiln internally for years.

You may find our Privacy Policy here:

All of your source code is stored on an isolated network that can only be accessed by the Kiln web servers. Every bit of Kiln is hosted on the same secure infrastructure as FogBugz On Demand. We will never examine the contents of your repositories unless we are diagnosing a technical problem and have already received your express written permission.

All repositories are mirrored on redundant hardware in real-time. Each day we take a backup of everything, and each night we grab those backups and store them off-site. Offsite backups are maintained for 30 days. We will always take protecting your code as seriously as we do our own.