Kiln On Demand Code Review Notifications


The main workflow of Kiln revolves around reviews. So getting the necessary notifications is very useful.

There are two main mechanisms for getting notifications: Email and RSS Feeds. We will look at setting up both of these.

Email Notifications

This describes how to change a reviews settings and how to set it as the default for all new reviews.

Email notifications are configured from within a review. So open up a review and you will see a “Notifications” indicator with the setting for that review. By default it is “Muted”.


Clicking on the current notification status, “Muted” in this case, will open up the dial for setting your preferences.

Here you can select 3 options.

  1. Muted: This turns off notifications for this review.
  2. Occasional: This will generate a daily digest of review comments.
  3. Subscribed: For every event affecting this review, you will get an email notification.

Once you select a preference for this review, if it isn’t the same as your current default, it will make available a button to make it your default. For example:


Once you select “make Default” all newly created reviews for you will use that setting. Any preexisting reviews will keep their current notification preferences.

RSS Notifications

RSS notification are configured from the activity view, and allow automatic notifications of any review by any user. To create a feed select

  1. Activity: from the menu bar
  2. First element of “Now Showing”: from the activity filter bar
  3. Click “Code Review Activity”: from the dialog – uncheck the other settings


Then customize the “By” and “In” fields on the activity filter bar to meet your workflow needs, and click the RSS feed icon to create a unique feed URL for that activity view.


You can then inject that RSS feed into your favorite RSS reader, Outlook RSS Reader, RSS to Email, or even Slack chat, what ever takes your fancy!