Create a Code Review from the Command Line


As of Kiln 2.8, you can create a review of changesets when you push them, directly from the command line.

Meet hg push --review

When you’re using hg push to push your changesets to a Kiln repository, just add --review:

hg push --review

Once the push completes, you’ll be prompted to add the changesets you just pushed to a review, or create a new review:

remote: kiln: successfully pushed 70 changesets

add to review? [nq?]

At this prompt, you have several options.

  1. Help! Type ? to get an explanation of your options. Type q to quit without making any changes — your push will still complete.
  2. Creating a new code review Type n to create a new code review. Press Return, and you’ll be asked to choose reviewers.

    choose reviewer(s) [dlq?]

    Type all or part of a person’s name to add that person as a reviewer. When you’re done, type d to create the review. (As before, you can type ‘?’ for help or ‘q’ to quit without creating a review)

  3. Add to an existing review Type the number of the code review to add the changesets to that review.


How is this functionality provided?

This functionality is provided by the Kiln Mercurial extension. You can download it from your Kiln site at

That’s great, but what about us Git users?

Git users can use the git-kiln library. It’s written in Go, so you’ll need Go installed on your machine. At this time, code reviews are unable to be created by this library. However, you can read more and download it here: