Installing Kiln for Your Server without Internet Access




What is it?

Running Kiln or the FogBugz/Kiln bundle in a virtual machine is not generally recommended. Since Kiln is an extremely disk-heavy application, you may experience performance degradation. Please see Running Kiln in a VM / Virtual Machine? if you are considering running Kiln in a virtual environment.

Who will use it?

Any Administrator or Power User willing to Install or migrate Kiln.

How is it used?

To install Kiln without internet access, you need to install all of the pre-requisites listed in the file %APPDATA%\KilnInstaller\kilnproduct.xml.


You may also need to manually tell the installer (in the Windows registry) that the prerequisites are met before it will continue.


Name: Prerequisites

Type: String

Value: “v2.0”