Disabling Mailboxes (Via Database)



There may be a requirement to disable mailboxes without deleting the mailbox information from the database. This is particularly useful when upgrading the installation since you would want to stop pulling mail from the mailboxes. Yet, you would want to import the configuration.

Typically, disabling mailboxes is done as part of the migration to our On Demand service.


Direct Access to the Database.



Run the following queries against the FogBugz database:

  1. Save the ixMailbox values for later:

    SELECT ixMailbox
    FROM Mailbox
    WHERE fDeleted = 0;
    Note: Save these values. If you are migrating to on-Demand, please get in touch with us send to these values.
  2. Disable all active mailboxes:

    UPDATE Mailbox
    SET fEnabled = 0
    WHERE fDeleted = 0;
    The flag fEnabled = 0 will mark the mailbox as disabled, but will retain the configuration in case you later want to continue importing mail from those (now disabled) mailboxes.


Rollback the Changes

  1. Re-enable all inactive mailboxes:

    UPDATE Mailbox
    SET fEnabled = 1
    WHERE fDeleted = 0;
    The flag fEnabled = 1 will mark the mailbox as enabled again.



The disabled mailboxes will not show anymore under the FogBugz Connected Mailboxes. However, if queried via SQL, the system will list them with the flag value fEnabled = 0.


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