Printing FogBugz Cases




FogBugz does not currently have a print button/option that will allow you to directly print FogBugz cases in situations where you need hard copies of your cases. This article provides the steps on how to print cases in Fogbugz through the printing capability of your browser.




  1. Open the case view, which shows a complete list of all cases:

  2. Right-click the case that you want to print and select the Open link in new tab option:


  3. On the case's page/tab, press Ctrl + P keys. You may also right-click on any blank space and select the Print option from the context menu to open the Print Preview menu:

  4. If you are using Chrome, select the printer that you would like to use from the Destination dropdown list. If you are using Windows, you may also choose the Microsoft Print to PDF or Save as PDF option to save a soft copy of the case:



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