Creating FogBugz Trial Account



This article provides an overview of different ways of getting a trial or demo version of FogBugz. This article also discusses the limitations of the trial version.

Creating FogBugz Trial

1. Visiting FogBugz Web Site 

  1. A new user can subscribe to a free 14-day trial. This is hosted by FogBugz and there is no need for installation. It is ready to use as soon as you click this link: Getting Started with FogBugz.2020-04-03_19_51_40-Free_Trial___FogBugz.png
  2. Fill up your URL for FogBugz. It checks the URL and confirms if it's available.

  3. Fill up your and company data and click on the button 'LET'S GO'.2020-04-03_19_56_52-Free_Trial___FogBugz.png
  4. Now, it sends an activation mail to the given mail id.2020-04-03_19_57_17-Confirm_your_email_address.png
  5. Then visit your mail id and click on the activation link given on the mail.2020-04-03_19_58_47-FogBugz_Trial_Sign_Up_-_subhankarpandey03_gmail.com_-_Gmail.png
  6. Now your FogBugz Trial is ready for use.2020-04-03_19_59_09-Creating_your_FogBugz_site.png
  7. The 14-day trial can be used for a real project, and after the trial, you can purchase FogBugz and continue to use the same URL with the preferences you have already set up.

2. Visiting FogShop Website 

  1. A new user can also subscribe to a free 14-day trial by clicking for the FogShop website.2020-04-03_20_34_58-FogBugz_Trial_Sign_Up.png
  2. Fill up the relevant information and click on the 'Sign Up' button.

Limitation of Trial Version

The FogBugz Trial version has all features activated. However, there are only 2 limitations - 

  1. Maximum 500 users per account.
  2. Maximum 5 emails per day.