FogBugz Support - a User Guide



This article provides step by step guidance of using FogBugz support to the customers.

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Logging in to the Support Portal

  1. Go to FogBugz Support.
  2. Click on the 'Sign in' link on the top right corner.2020-03-31_23_11_31-Window.png
  3. From the 'Sign in' page, enter your Email and Password.2020-03-31_23_11_45-Window.png


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Forgot Password

  1. If you can not recall your password, please use the Forgot my password.
  2. Or you can click on Get a password option to request a new one.2020-03-31_23_11_45-Window.png
  3. By this, you will receive a new password from FogBugz Support in the email id specified.2020-03-31_23_14_06-Window.png

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Getting Support

After you log in to the Support Portal, the first page you will see is the Landing page of FogBugz Support where you will be able to select a category, on which you need the support.


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Search and Explore the Knowledgebase (FAQ)

Right after your selection, you will see the Category page where you can search or explore our Knowledgebase to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Once you select the relevant category, you will be able to see different articles in that category of our Knowledgebase.

We highly recommend that you explore our Knowledgebase before you submit a ticket.


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Submit a Ticket / Request

NOTE: You will see the words Ticket and Request used interchangeably. They both have the same meaning.

You may submit a ticket by clicking on the Submit a request button.


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Steps to Submit a Request

After you select a Submit a Request, you can fill in the form and submit a ticket.




  1. All the mandatory fields are marked in red asterisk (*).
  2. The following are the fields to be filled up to submit the request. 
    • CC: Add any emails that you would like to be CC'd on the ticket.
    • Subject: This is the title of the ticket.
    • Description: You will need to describe your issue to the best of your ability, it is advised to provide as much information as you can so that our Support team can efficiently resolve your issue.
    • Priority: Set the urgency of this issue.2020-04-01_02_03_20-Window.png
    • FogBugz Issue Type / Components: Set the most relevant issue type/component of FogBugz your issue falls under.           2020-04-01_02_03_35-Window.png
    • We also recommend you leave us a phone number and confirm what times are suitable if a call or a live collaboration meeting is required.                                    2020-04-01_02_03_48-Window.png
    • Attachments: Upload any screenshots, log files or relevant data here.
    • The GDPR Statement is there for your protection - please read it and make the selection based on the information you are providing in the ticket; if the ticket is GDPR relevant, we will ensure the information security.

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My Activities

On the My activities page, you can find information regarding your requests, requests where you are CC'd on, Contributions and Followings.


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My Requests

On the My requests page, you can see all your tickets and take action if needed.


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Escalate Ticket

  • You can escalate a ticket for various reasons like urgency, resolution time, the resolution provided, etc.
  • Escalating a ticket sends notifications to the Support Manager and other key people in the organization.
  • Ticket Escalation may be done in two ways:

    • Escalate a ticket from the My Requests page.2020-04-01_00_21_57-Window.png
    • Escalate the ticket from the Ticket page.2020-04-01_00_20_25-Window.png

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Reopen Ticket

If the status of your ticket is SOLVED or CLOSED, you will see an option to Reopen the ticket. After you reopen the ticket, you will be redirected to the Ticket Submission form.


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Ticket Status

The Status field indicates the overall status of the ticket. Please see the list below for an explanation of the different status values.



New The system sets this when a new ticket is raised.
Open The system sets this when the first agent picks up your ticket.
Pending The system sets this when Information Required or Waiting for customer confirmation.
On Hold The system sets this when we are waiting for a response from a third party.

The system sets this status when we have shared a possible solution with you and asked you to test it.

You can reopen the ticket immediately if the solution does not work and we will continue working on it.

Closed This status type indicates that your ticket has been closed.


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