Verifying and Repairing Repository



This article guides users in performing validation and repair in cases where the repository is showing errors in some instances, such as the scenarios described in the below use cases.


  • The repository reports that it is empty when it is not.
  • The repository is stuck while processing changeset requests.
  • A programmer checked in a change into a Kiln repository but a change is not showing up in the Kiln UI.



  1. Add /check to the end of the following URL to perform a repository validation of the core‑modules repository:

    https://<*****KILN REPO SITE INFO***>/Code/Repositories/ProductSourceCode/core-modules/check
    Note: The <*****KILN REPO SITE INFO***> in the above URL is your Kiln site.
  2. The verification results are displayed as shown in the below example. Fix and resolve the errors detected.
  3. Click a Repair Repository button.


After the repair, you receive a "Repair complete." message. The verification results should have all green checkmarks. You can now successfully create a fork/repository of the module needed, and work with the repository.