"Trial" or "Free Two-User Tier" FogBugz On-Demand Account Gives an Internal Server Error



You can no longer log in or connect to your trial or free two-user tier FogBugz On-Demand that you haven't used for a long time (maybe several years) because it gives you one of the following errors:

  • HTTP Internal Server Error 500
  • Page no longer available
  • Account Not Found

If you haven't used or accessed your free two-user tier or trial account for a longer period (several months), it might have been removed.

Before contacting us check for other potential reasons Why is FogBugz On-Demand Slow or Unavailable.



Potential customers create free FogBugz trial accounts on a daily basis. After a customer tries FogBugz, they have the option to change the trial account into a paid account. This way customers do not lose the data they have added during the trial period and make the transition to a longer collaboration with FogBugz easier.

But usually what actually happens when customers open a paid account is that they create a new account, leaving the sandbox trial account un-closed. This takes up resources on our servers.

To free up the unused resources, we implemented a regular clean-up process.


Identifying unused accounts

Every three months we check the FogBugz On-Demand accounts usages and we mark for internal review the ones that fulfill the following conditions:

  • accounts that were not accessed in the last 12 months
  • customers that did not pay for more than 30 days
Please note: if you previously were a paying customer, but you requested to be downgraded to a free two-user tier, your account might be included in this selection. So please make sure that you check-in regularly to your FogBugz On-Demand account. If you notice that your account has been removed, follow the steps described in Restoring the removed accounts section.


Search for the user's account in Control Panel and confirm if they are a paying customer and accessed the account within the previous 12 months. You can select the customers Site URL to check. 
If the Site URL opens to a login page, the customers instance is active.



Removing the selected accounts

Our Infrastructure Team removes the unused accounts after 12 months of inactivity. 

Please note: there are no notifications sent to account owners about the planned account removal, neither about the actual removal.


Restoring the removed accounts

Read about our Data Retention Policy to know how long we keep your data.

If you would like to have your account restored, please submit a ticket to our support team requesting the account restoration. You must have an active, paid subscription at the time of the ticket submission or your data will not be recovered (although it does not need to be linked to the original account). If your request is approved and the backup for your account is still available, our Infrastructure Team will restore it for you.

If the account can not be restored because we do not have any backups for the deleted instance then the only option available is to start a new FogBugz On-Demand instance by navigating to Try FogBugz.

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