Some Emails Are Not Importing to FogBugz



When you are frequently observing administrator error messages in FogBugz regarding problems in fetching client emails from your email server, or you notice that some emails are not imported into Fogbugz, read this article for possible solutions.



FogBugz imports unread incoming Emails from a configured Mailbox and turns them into tickets. Emails that are opened (or marked as read) are not imported. This leads users to believe that there is an issue with FogBugz failing to import some emails.

Emails can be opened (or marked as read) intentionally or inadvertently through a third-party email client. If this happens, FogBugz will not download them.

  1. Make sure that emails are not marked as read by a third party email client.
  2. If an email was opened (marked read), make sure to set it back to Unread.
  3. All incoming Unread emails should be imported into FogBugz.
  4. If some emails are still not imported, try disabling and enabling back the related mailbox. You can do this using two methods:
  5. If you have community users and they are sending emails to a custom mailbox, the project that is mapped to that custom mailbox must have permissions that allow for community users to submit cases.

    Go to Avatar Menu > Project > Edit Project > Edit Permissionsinline-2022667625.png

    Also, if you have a workflow that moves cases from one project to another, the project where the cases are moved must also have permissions set for community users to allow submitting cases. Please make sure all your relevant projects have permissions for community users to submit cases.

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