8.22.127 On Demand Release Notes


Release Overview

Release Date: October 21, 2019

The current release fixes the following items.


Customer Defects

  • MANUSCRIPT-15586 - Screenshot Tool not allowing screenshots to be added to existing cases
  • MANUSCRIPT-17452 - Customer DB Backups getting corrupted
  • MANUSCRIPT-17543 - Case view button blocked on Safari Browser
  • MANUSCRIPT-18370 - Edit custom fields API is not working
  • MANUSCRIPT-20428 - Automatic Database Backup Reschedule For Failed Backups
  • MANUSCRIPT-21688 - Getting JSON API Error


General Defects

  • MANUSCRIPT-179 - Edit Filter - Reset option does not revert to default filters
  • MANUSCRIPT-16160 - Custom Field can be created with an already existing name
  • MANUSCRIPT-16761 - Community user cases: no proper validation message
  • MANUSCRIPT-17887 - Anonymous User Email validation error

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