Marking Emails (Cases) as Safe (Not Spam)



Sometimes correct emails end up being qualified by FogBugz Autosort engine as Spam. There is a way of marking them as Safe (Not Spam) and the sort engine will learn from it.


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While there is no dedicated button for marking safe emails (cases) as Not Spam, the solution is easy: you just have to move those safe emails (cases) from the Area called Spam into Not Spam (or any other Area).

To do that follow these steps:

  1. In the search bar enter area:Spam. It will list all emails marked as spam (quarantined).
  2. If needed, refine the search further. For example by Opened Time, to filter for the ones received in the last week.

  3. Select the emails (cases) that you would like to mark as safe.
  4. Click on Edit.

  5. Edit the value of Area field. Change it to Not Spam (or any other Area if you have already set up custom Areas).
  6. Click Save.
  7. Notice that the area for your emails (cases) changed to Not Spam.


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By moving out emails from Spam to Not Spam you help the learning of the FogBugz Autosorter and gradually you should have less and less false positives (less safe emails marked as spam).

It is recommended to regularly check the cases in the Spam area, and move out the ones that are not spam to help the learning of FogBugz Autosorter as described in Best Practices for Using Autosort.


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