TLS support in FogBugz Versions



Update on 02/Aug/2023: From FogBugz On-Premises version 8.22.809, FogBugz fully supports TLS 1.2, including .Net AWS SDK FogBugz now uses WSSDK.Core. and AWSSDK.S3


From FogBugz On-Premises version 8.22.x, FogBugz fully supports TLS 1.2, including mailbox connections, github connections, and ElasticSearch connections.

The system comes with Java 8, which also supports TLS 1.2.



In order to use full TLS 1.2 support, you will have to upgrade to either FogBugz On-Premises 8.22x or higher or FogBugz On-Demand. Please reach out to our Renewals team for a quote.

You will also need to upgrade Java 7 to Java 8.

If you want to upgrade your FogBugz version (and your Java version), you might need the help of our Professional Services team. In this case please reach out first to our Success Team for a quote.


History of TLS 1.2 related upgrades

  • FogBugz 8.21.815 - TLS 1.2 support is added for all types of email connections (POP3, IMAP, SMTP)
  • FogBugz 8.21.14 - is shipped with Java 8, which supports TLS 1.2 (to support ElasticSearch connections). Java 7 supports only TLS 1.0.
  • FogBugz 8.20.996 - TLS 1.2 support is added for all HTTP connections, including github OAuth


Email Support for TLS 1.2

As listed above, support for TLS 1.2 for email sending and receiving was added only in FogBugz version 8.21.815. This has nothing to do with the Java version. Upgrading your Java with an earlier FogBugz version will NOT add TLS 1.2 support for emails.


Recommendation for Older FogBugz Versions

If you are installing FogBugz (version 8.21.x or older) behind an existing SSL-terminating load balancer, you need to make sure that TLS 1.0 is supported by the load balancer.