Resizing Pasted Images Not Working in Case or Wiki Article Editor



When Copy-Pasting an image into a case or wiki article in Rich Text Format (RTF) editing mode, and you want to resize it by dragging the image's corners you might experience that apparently can't be resized (do not show resize pick points) when selected, although RTF editors normally support this.

Size change would not be applied even when adding HTML tags height or width in the Source view.

You might experience this in Chrome or Safari browsers.



FogBugz case editor and wiki article editor uses a third-party component, CK Editor 4, to enable user-friendly editing features. The native image resizing feature used by this component is not implemented by Chrome and other WebKit based browsers (like Safari).

This is why this image resize feature works only with Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) browsers.



If you need to resize your images after pasting them into cases or wiki articles we recommend using Firefox browser from the list of our supported browsers.