Kanban Column Values are not as Expected



When editing a case, the list of available Kanban columns might not be the ones expected, or you might see only one value in the Kanban Columns dropdown list: "None".



  • Administrator role in FogBugz might be required



The list of available Kanban columns for a given case depends on the selected Milestone for the given case. The list of available Milestones depends on the selected Project for the given case.

Kanban columns for a new Milestone are populated only after adding the Milestone to a Planner.


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If you are missing one or more values from the Kanban Column dropdown list, then check that you have selected the correct Milestone and Project for the given case.

If the Milestone and Project are correct, but the only available value is "None", it means the Milestone has not been added to any Planner yet. Add the Milestone to a Planner, and the Kanban Column dropdown list will get populated. This step requires Administrator rights in FogBugz.


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