Fonts on FogBugz are Blurry



Some users might experience that fonts on FogBugz UI look blurry and unclear. The issue might be experienced in Firefox, Chrome, or the Edge (Chromium) browser.



In case users compare how FogBugz is displayed in different browsers, they might notice that in Chrome or Firefox the texts are displayed slightly differently compared to IE 11. The text on the menu items seems a bit bolder in Chrome and Firefox, and also the zero characters seem to be rounder in Chrome or Firefox.

Some users will consider that in Chrome or Firefox the fonts look blurry and unclear.




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Despite our best efforts to have the same display and formatting of our user interface (UI) amongst different browsers, the result might be slightly different due to how the different browsers process the same CSS.

Depending on your screen size and your screen's resolution, if you find the FogBugz fonts in Chrome or Firefox blurry try to change the zoom settings of your Chrome or Firefox browser when viewing FogBugz pages. Our users reported that adjusting the zoom level to 110% removes the blurry effect.

Note: FogBugz might work with IE 11, but IE 11 is not anymore a supported browser for FogBugz.

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