Wrong Search Results on FogBugz



When searching for your cases you might face one of the following:

  • Search is not showing the cases or showing incorrect cases
  • Cases are missing in one filter, but present in another one
  • Deleted or spam cases still showing in the case list
  • Cases are not listed correctly by a filter or search
  • Cases are showing on a particular type of device and not on others.



When providing you the search results we are using an industry-leading third-party component: ElasticSearch. Sometimes, its search index may get outdated causing incomplete search results.

In such cases, the ElasticSearch index needs to be rebuilt (backfilled). 

WARNING: ElasticSearch Backfill process affects the product experience (FogBugz might become slower, search results might be outdated during the backfill process). If you have a lot of cases, it is recommended to have it done outside business hours to reduce the impact on your users.


FogBugz On-Demand

If you are experiencing the search issues on your On-Demand account, you will need to contact our support team and let them know that you are having search issues. They will know what to do.


FogBugz On-Premises

If you are experiencing the search issues on your On-Premise instance, please follow the guidance from our article about ElasticSearch Indexer Backfill Reset.


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Once the ElasticSearch Index Backfill (rebuild) is completed by our team (for On-Demand) or your Administrators (for On-Premise), your search and filters should be working as expected.


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