Cookies Disabled Message when Logging in to Kiln On-Demand



When trying to log in directly on your Kiln On-Demand instance, without previously accessing your FogBugz On-Demand page, you receive the following error:

Oops! It looks like cookies are disabled. To login you will need to allow cookies from the domain

Login boxes are not displayed, so you cannot log in.


In your browser cookies are enabled. Allowing third-party cookies does not fix the issue.

The issue is present on all supported browsers for FogBugz and Kiln which are enforcing the usage of SameSite attribute (step-by-step, all of them will).


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  • Normal FogBugz User with access to Kiln

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Kiln authentication is depending on FogBugz authentication. Kiln uses cross-domain cookies to authenticate using FogBugz's authentication engine.

The latest browsers, step-by-step, are enforcing stricter cross-domain cookie policies by enforcing proper usage of the SameSite cookie attribute.

This stricter policy results in Kiln not able to authenticate without first logging in to FogBugz.


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  1. Log in to your FogBugz On-Demand account.
  2. Click on Avatar Menu - Kiln


  3. You get redirected to your Kiln On-Demand instance, without requiring additional login steps.


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