Closing Multiple Cases at Once


Closing Cases via UI

You can close more than one case in a single submission. However, make sure that all cases are resolved before attempting to close them. Please follow the steps below to close multiple cases at once:

  1. From the Case List page, select the resolved cases by marking the checkboxes next to them. 
  2. Click on the Close button.



Closing Cases via API

You can also use FogBugz API to close cases. You will need to create a custom script that will c
all the Resolve an Active Case API first and then call the Close a Case API.

Note: The Resolve an Active Case and Close a Case APIs do not support bulk commands. However, you can execute these APIs by iterating through a list of cases.
Warning: We do not have a limit for API requests. However, our server may become overloaded when it receives too many requests. If you have a very large number of cases that you need to close, please close 10 cases per API call.


Closing Cases by Using SQL Queries

We do not recommend closing cases by executing SQL queries. However, there is a process to delete cases in bulk from the database. If you want to delete a large number of cases in bulk, please refer to the article Purging Old FogBugz Data.


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