Kiln Overheated or Unavailable



Kiln is unavailable. You might also receive the error:

It seems Kiln has overheated a bit.


And you are unable to Pull, Push, or Clone from your Kiln Repositories.




Before submitting a ticket to our support team, please execute the following steps:

If none of the steps above answer why Kiln is overheated, contact us.

Try to fill out the questionnaire below to speed up the troubleshooting process of our Support Team.


Kiln Repository Questionnaire

  1. Provide the URL of the repository that is failing.
  2. What is the type of this repository? Mercurial or Git?
  3. How many users are using this repository simultaneously?
  4. Are you using HTTPS or SSH to connect to the repository?
  5. What is the version and type of command-line/client tool?
  6. Do you have any disabled extensions in the repository root?
  7. Are you able to clone the repository in another folder/PC?
  8. Are there large files (> 50 MB) being pushed/committed or pulled/cloned? 


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