Not Receiving Responses When Users Respond To Tickets



Your users receive the emails FogBugz sends to them, but you (your FogBugz) don't receive their responses. Most often this happens with Community Users.




Root Cause

In order for a user (or the sender of an email) to be able to add comments to existing cases or create new cases, the given user has to have permission to that project.


Updating User Rights on the Project

If you encounter this issue with Normal or Administrator users, add them to the given project.

Community Users by default, do not have access to projects. Community Users need to be added explicitly to be able to comment or submit cases.

Community users can be added:

  • all at once by adding "All Community Users" to the project, or
  • restricting them to specific Community User Groups or
  • just some community users added one-by-one.

NOTE: If you are using Autosort for sorting emails, make sure that you give rights to the Project that is the intended final destination of the emails. Because once you move an email from Inbox to a specific project, Autosort will learn and next time will try to put the mail in the same Project. But if the user (or the email sender) does not have permission for that project, FogBugz will not submit the case or add the comments.


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After adding the user or the Community Users to the project, new email replies will create cases and add comments on existing cases. Previously sent replies will not be added (will be lost).


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