Free Two-User Tier Account Availability - FogBugz On-Demand



New Free-tier Accounts

Previously offered free two-user tier is not available anymore. You have a 14-Day trial period to try FogBugz and Kiln for free, no credit card required. After the trial period, if you would like to keep your account, you will need to switch to a paid account.


Existing Free-tier Accounts

As of September 17th, 2022 the Two-user Free-tier account has started to be phased out. Users with Free-tier accounts will have until October 17th, 2022 before their account will reflect new charges. To avoid unwanted charges, we have removed the credit card information from all affected accounts. 

On September 17th, 2022, all user accounts will be updated to match the per-user pricing of the 5-user tier. These users will be able to continue using their accounts as they have been for 30 days. After 30 days, accounts that do not have valid credit card details on file will be disabled and automatically deleted 180 days after. The only users that need to take action are those that want to keep their accounts. For more information on how to add credit card information to your account please see the article Changing your Credit Card Information, Billing Address, or Tax Number.

If you previously had a free two-user tier account, and can not access it anymore, it might have been removed.