Stop Creating New Cases Through Emails



When you want to stop receiving emails through FogBugz, but you would still like to send auto-replies to let customers know about the change (no more new cases through FogBugz), then you could use the solution from this article.



By design:

  • FogBugz creates cases or adds comments to existing cases whenever a new email is received,
  • AND sends an automatic reply IF the email is not categorized as spam.


  • Not receiving emails at all by disabling the mailbox. But in this case, no auto-replies will be sent, either.
  • Send auto-replies, but you will need to accept incoming emails (and as such case creation). However you could redirect these emails/cases into a separate project created just for this purpose, to avoid cluttering existing Projects.


Create a Separate Project for Storing the New Cases

Create a new project to "store" your new cases. You could use a configuration similar to this:



Configure the Mailbox to Redirect New Cases

Change your mailbox's sorting to manual to redirect all new cases into this newly created project. Your configuration could look something like this:



Configure the Auto-Reply message

Configure the content of the Auto-Reply message informing your users about the change.

All new emails received from now on will be redirected to your new project, and the sender will receive the auto-reply message you have just configured.

Note: If a reply is sent to a case created before you updated the Mailbox rule, that case will be updated with the reply and the new autoreply will NOT be sent to the given recipient. If the case was closed, it will be reopened/reactivated in its current project (not moved).

Such users will need to be notified individually, ex. sending them an email from the given case.

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