Error in plugin Intro Case After Schema Upgrade



You might receive the following Admin notification:

The FogBugz Maintenance Service has reported an error. Error in plugin Intro Case




Known Issue

Known Issue for:

  • FogBugz version earlier than 8.8.28
  • FogBugz On-Demand or On-Premises that was migrated from an earlier version than 8.8.28


Root Cause

During FogBugz upgrade, a schema upgrade of the FogBugz database is done (when moving to On-Demand an upgrade to the latest version is also executed)

The notification is often caused by Filters that have been upgraded from the Old version but are looking into database fields/columns that are no longer valid due to the schema upgrade. Because of that, the system will trigger a warning indicating the "inconsistency" in the database.



Recreate the Affected Filters

One possible fix is for you to recreate the few affected filters, so those can use the updated database schema.


Disable the Intro Case Plugin

Another possible solution is to disable the Intro case plugin. Disabling this plugin will not result in any feature loss, just your new users will not have default (demo) cases created for them on their first login.


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