Getting Mailbombed in FogBugz



You might be getting a lot of emails and as such a lot of new cases created  with the content:

Your message to couldn't be delivered. Person wasn't found at

where is the email you set for one of your virtual users used for creating cases with API or other automation, but the email address is not a valid email address.




Root Cause

If this virtual user has notifications turned on, FogBugz will try to send notifications to this email address.

If the email address is not found by the email server, it will reply with the "couldn't be delivered" message mentioned in the Overview, notifying the sender (FogBugz) that the email address is not valid. Since the server will use a different sender address (not, the message will result in a new case being created.



You have the following options:

  • disable notifications for this virtual user (recommended)
  • use a valid email address for your virtual user


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Disabling notifications for the virtual user will stop sending notifications by FogBugz, and as such will stop the "couldn't be delivered" replies from the email server, and the related case creation.


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