Outgoing Mailbox (SMTP Settings)



Outgoing Mailbox settings (aka SMTP configuration) is located under Avatar Menu -> Site Configuration -> Mail.

The SMTP settings are not available for On-Demand accounts, and they cannot be changed by users, because mail sending functionality for On-Demand accounts is provided by our infrastructure team.

DKIM is currently not supported for On-Demand accounts.



FogBugz On-Premises installation does not include any SMTP server for delivering email. You can use any SMTP server that is already set up for delivering email inside your company. Configuring and administering email servers - in general - is beyond the scope of this article.


SMTP Server Settings for FogBugz On-Premises

  1. Log on as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Avatar Menu > Site Configuration > Mail.
  3. Configure the parameters for your SMTP server:
    • SMTP Server - the name of the email server. It should be configured to accept email from your FogBugz Server
    • SMTP Port - default 25 or 587
    • SMTP SSL - check it if you would like to use SSL. You might need to read our Using an SMTP Server with SSL Guide.
    • SMTP User - the user used for connecting to your SMTP Server
    • SMTP Password - if you need to enter or change the password, you need to check the "Check to set the password now" checkbox to have the password box appear.


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