Hiding the Warning About License Expiration



When the process of your licence renewal takes a bit longer time, you might want to hide the notification warning you about the licence expiry:

Subscription notice - Your FogBugz On-Premises subscription will expire soon. Please update your subscription



The notification can be hidden using FogBugz Customization.

Warning: This will hide the alert permanently, which can cause the system to stop alerting about licensing expirations.

Read first this article: Enabling, Configuring, and Creating New Customizations for FogBugz

Please also note the disclaimer mentioned in the article.


Use the following customization to hide the warning about subscription expiration:

name: Hide Subscription Expiration Notification
description: This will hide the warning about the upcoming expiration of your subscription or license.
author: FogBugz Support Team

   // No js to add, only CSS

 .on-site-expiration-notice {
 display: none !important;


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