Get a Quote for FogBugz



If you are evaluating FogBugz as a replacement for your current project management system, or you are using FogBugz without an active license and you would like to get a quote for a license based on your unique user and migration requirements, this article will provide you with the details to engage with the correct teams to get a quote.



FogBugz uses clear upfront pricing for the On-Demand (cloud) version. For more than 500 users we provide custom pricing.

If you need an On-Premises license, or prefer a more tailored and customized pricing for the On-Demand version, send an email to

We have a Professional Services team that can provide support for your migration to FogBugz from other issue tracking software (eg: JIRA). For pricing of these migration support activities, send an email to

If you would like to install our On-Premise version by yourself, without our help, you can do it following the instructions from our detailed guide about Installing or Upgrading FogBugz On-Premises.