Average Time Open in FogBugz Reports



This article explains through some examples how FogBugz calculates the Average Time Open available on FogBugz Reports, Charts, and Pivot Tables, and how it takes into consideration the assigned project and assigned person.



Average Time Open is:

  • the clock time between when cases were opened to when they were closed
  • is linked to the individual cases, meaning each case has its own Average Time Open, which is cumulated in the reports.
  • it is displayed in the reports and charts in days.


Q: If a report was broken down by "Person Assigned To" then by "Project", does the average include all the time the case has been opened even if the case was not assigned to the current person?

A: Yes, includes all the time. If a case is currently not assigned to anybody, it is counted under Unassigned.



Q: Average Time Open does it only count the days it was open AND assigned to the person?

A: No, it counts all the days since it was opened, not considering whether it was assigned or unassigned.


Q: Does changing the Project or Person Assigned To have any effect on the Average Time Opened?

A: Yes. Changing the Project or Person Assigned To of a case results in having its Average Time Opened be included in the new project's or assignee's average time opened. See the example below, where we first change the project, then the assignee, thus the average time opened "moves" accordingly within the report.



Q: Will the Average Time Open be displayed if the project doesn't match the report filter?

A: No. Only those cases will be included in calculating the Average Time Open, for which the current Project assignment matches the report filter.


Q: If a case is closed for a few days and reopened later on, does the Average Time Open include the days it was closed?

A: Yes, it will include also the days it was closed because Average Time Open is simply the difference between the final date of closure and the original open date.