Access to FogBugz Source Code



If you are interested in FogBugz source code, for eg: what a given FogBugz API endpoint actually does, location in the FogBugz source code where the action is handled, and see which tables are updated when the different endpoints are called, then, unfortunately, we cannot help you. 



We cannot share the FogBugz codebase, this is against our company policy.


  • documentation of our database schema is publicly available. You can find out for yourself which tables are used for what.
  • you can update any information in FogBugz programmatically using our extensively documented FogBugz API.
  • you can customize how FogBugz works using JavaScript and CSS customizations.

NOTE: It is not recommended to update the database tables directly, since this might lead to inconsistent or corrupt data, thus incorrect functioning of FogBugz. Instead, it is recommended to use FogBugz API for bulk or programmatic data changes.