Retrieving Review Details with Kiln API



When retrieving review details using the Kiln API, it will contain:

  • list of reviewers
  • the current status of the review per each reviewer
  • related changeset records
  • list of related repositories

It will NOT contain:

  • reviewer history:
    • who (person) and when (date and time) opened the review.
    • who and when added his review status: approve/reject/needs work.
  • reviewer's comments or any comment history
    • why did he Rejected, or marked as Needs Work

Reviewer and comment history is available in the database, but our current Kiln API version does not expose it.




Getting the Review Record (Review Details)

Request format is Api/{version}/Review/{sReview} (GET), where:

  • {version} - is 2.0 - this is the current Kiln API version
  • {sReview} - is the Kiln review ID
  • (GET) - use the GET verb
  • valid token will also be needed

Example request:


Review Records

The API response will contain the following:

  • changesets: a list of all the changeset records that currently belong to the review
  • sReview: a unique review identifier, which will be one of two formats:
    • when the review has related FogBugz case: a string containing a positive integer (e.g. "2" or "500"), corresponding to the FogBugz case number of this review
    • when the review does not have a FogBugz case: "K" followed by a positive integer (e.g. "K2" or "K500")
  • ixRepos: the non-deleted repositories containing all the changesets in the review
  • sStatus: the status of the review, one of "approved", "rejected", "abandoned", "needswork", or "active"
  • sTitle: the current title of the review
  • reviewers: a list of person records for the review's reviewers

Example response:


    "changesets": [
            "rev": "xcdef21e5278b5xxxxxzzssscd346f07509d",
            "sAuthor": "Changeset Author <>",
            "sDescription": "Updating a file",
            "dt": "2021-01-08T17:54:06.0000000Z",
            "revParent1": "cp077eaff4241e123456789e267e64e5f277",
            "revParent2": null,
            "ixBugs": [],
            "ixReviews": [
            "sReviews": [
            "vcs": "hg",
            "revsHg": [
            "revsGit": []
    "sReview": "K541104",
    "ixRepos": [
    "sStatus": "active",
    "sTitle": "My review of your update",
    "sUrl": "",
    "reviewers": [
            "sStatus": "needswork",
            "ixPerson": 2,
            "sName": "First Reviewer",
            "sEmail": ""
            "sStatus": "approved",
            "ixPerson": 8,
            "sName": "Second Reviewer",
            "sEmail": ""


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