FogBugz Mailbox Integration with Office 365 (o365)



To use a Microsoft Office 365 (o365) mailbox with FogBugz you will need to use a version that supports at least TLS 1.2, which means you will need to use at least version 8.21.815. However, whenever possible, we recommend upgrading to the latest version.



Office 365 supports all three mailbox types currently supported by FogBugz (POP3, IMAP, EWS).

However, please note the following information that could affect Office 365 mailbox access from FogBugz in the future:


Connecting to Office 365 (o365) Mailboxes

  1. In order to connect Office 365 mailboxes, you will have to enable Basic Authentication/Legacy Authentication for the mailbox that you are trying to connect by following the article Enable or disable modern authentication for Outlook in Exchange Online.
  2. You will also need an App-specific password as described in Using app passwords with apps that don't support two-step verification.
  3. Once you have obtained the required information, you can follow our article about Using FogBugz to Check POP3, IMAP, and EWS Mailboxes.


For further Office 365 Mailbox related knowledge and troubleshooting guidance please search the Mailboxes section of our knowledgebase.