Deleting or Archiving Wikis in Bulk



You might want to delete or archive Wikis in bulk. For example:

  • As FogBugz On-Demand customer you have no access to your wiki, not even administrators. You have quite a few wiki entries that you do not need anymore, but you can not delete, edit or restrict them. You want them to be removed or hidden from your FogBugz.
  • As FogBugz On-Premises customer you want to quickly hide or archive multiple Wikis.



Wikis can be quickly marked as deleted using a SQL database script. They will not get actually deleted from the database, but they will get hidden from the FogBugz UI, including all their pages.


On-Demand Customers

Since administrators do not have access to your wikis, deleting or archiving the wikis will not work either using the FogBugz API (it needs a token created by somebody having the proper rights and subscription).

For On-Demand accounts, please contact our Support Team to have your wikis deleted (or hidden).


On-Premises Customers


  1. Use the following SQL statement to list all your wikis:
    USE trial1
    SELECT ixWiki, sWiki, fDeleted
    	FROM dbo.Wiki

    Replace trial1 with the name of your trial database.


  2. Take note of the ixWiki ID of the wikis you would like to delete. If you would like to delete all of them, skip this step.

  3. Delete the selected wikis using the following SQL statement:
    USE trial1
    UPDATE dbo.Wiki
        SET fDeleted = 1
        WHERE fDeleted = 0
        	AND ixWiki IN (1,2) -- remove this line if you want to remove all Wikis

  4. The ixWiki IN () statement filters the ixWiki IDs of the wikis to be deleted. If you remove this statement, all of your wikis will be deleted.


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Check your FogBugz. The desired Wikis should not be available anymore, nor their sub-pages should be accessible.


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