Fogbugz My Filters are Not Working, as Well Sorting by Certain Attributes - FogBugz On-Premises



You experience that Fogbugz "My Filters" are not working. Sorting by certain attributes also does not work. You receive the following message:

There was a problem with your search string!

Invalid search response!

Running the ElasticSearch indexer backfill reset does not help, the error message does not go away.

You experience this for both administrator and non-administrator users.



Your issue is related to ElasticSearch configuration.

Execute the following steps to ensure that your ElasticSearch related configuration is correct.

  1. Verify your Java version. If it is never than the ones we currently support, that might still work, but please verify that the Java path is set correctly (see the next step).
  2. Verify (and update) your JAVA_HOME path. This might get outdated after a Java version upgrade.
  3. Verify (and update) the certificate used by the ElasticSearch. This might get outdated after a certificate update on your FogBugz server.
  4. Re-run the ElasticSearch indexer backfill reset.


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Your "My Filters" start working, and sorting works correctly on all attributes.


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