Searching in SVN (Subversion) Checkin Entries



When you have integrated your FogBugz with your SVN (Subversion) server and you are creating checkin entries in FogBugz using SVN post-commit hooks, you might want to have a way to search in checkin entries, or even more precisely for the Revision ID.



FogBugz does not contain a search axis for searching checking, nor for searching revision IDs.

More, SVN checkins and revision IDs are not adding comments (events) to FogBugz cases. They are just linked and listed under the Checkins section of the case. 



This means, that out-of-the-box, Subversion checkins are not searchable in FogBugz.


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As a workaround, you could implement a similar solution as we have for github integrations.

You could create a custom FogBugz integration that could be triggered by your SVN post-commit hook.

This integration could be set up to add comments (events) to related cases, for example in the format of "Checkin on file FileName.ext. Revision ID: 1234".

After having this in place you could do free-text searches for revisions, by prefixing your search for the revision ID with the string "revision id".


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