User Unable to Log On to FogBugz



The user is unable to log on to FogBugz. When she launches the FogBugz website that is configured to use ID Anywhere SSO for login, FogBugz just shows it is loading and never logs on the user.

Trying to login using other browsers and clearing the browser cache does not help.

If the user is configured correctly in the SSO, the problem could be that she is a new user and doesn't have access to any FogBugz project, yet.




Verify that the user is configured correctly in the SSO

If other users can log in correctly, the problem could be related to how the user name and email for the given user is configured in SSO. The FogBugzFullName and FogBugzEmail attributes provided by the SSO must match the FullName and Email configured in FogBugz.

You can verify the FullName and Email expected by FogBugz for the user using the following SQL statement:

USE trial1
	sFullName AS FogBugzFullName, 
	sEmail AS FogBugzEmail
	FROM dbo.Person
	WHERE sFullName = 'User Full Name'
  • replace trial1 with the name of your FogBugz database
  • replace User Full Name with the name of your user.


Verify that she has access to any project

If SSO configuration for the user is correct, another issue might be that she has no access to any project in FogBugz, thus FogBugz keeps loading, but not displaying anything.

To validate that this is the case, after clicking on the Single Sign-On button on the login screen, edit the URL of FogBugz, and remove everything from the end of your FogBugz URL, except the /f part, so your URL would look something like this:

If your login credentials are correct, your FogBugz should display correctly.

Once your user gets assigned to a project, this login issue will go away.